The first platform dedicated to sports innovation

Le Tremplin -"springboard" in French- is the world's first Sports Innovation platform. Launched in 2015 in Paris, we have since grown  into a dynamic hub which brings together more than 60 sports-related startups with close to 30 large corporate and institutional partners around mentoring, workshops, conferences and events.

Le Tremplin is an innovation platform sponsored by Paris&Co, the economic and innovation development agency of the City of Paris. Paris&Co Incubators accompany more than 300 startups each year, and have been making their expertise available to innovative young companies for the past 20 years. The platform connects startups with institutional players and major corporates for each business sector. All its members participate in the life of the platform and contribute to developing a true culture of open innovation, closely monitoring disruptive changes and new client expectations for each sector.

  • An unparalleled structure in France and abroad: sports industry players, athletes, amateur athletes and fans drive innovation together
  • A spirit of fair play: a team culture, individual and collective support, a continual search for high performance
  • An athletic environment: 3,000 m² located in the Jean Bouin Stadium, featuring high-level training, conferences and direct contact with the key institutional and economic players of the sports world.


Why offer an incubator specifically for sports? 

To provide entrepreneurs with optimal conditions to foster innovation and development:

•    Place them in an athletic environment (physically and intellectually)
•    Put them in contact with key institutional and economic players of the sports world
•    Give them high-quality working conditions
•    Provide access to cutting-edge training and conferences

This is the kind of incubator that encourages Parisian startups to innovate in the sports sector, by maximizing business opportunities between startups and the sports industry.

The City of Paris and Paris&Co also want to provide optimal conditions to find fast technological solutions to major athletic challenges, enhancing the practice of sports for citizens within the urban context of Paris.
This incubator has ambitious goals, and is one of the engines driving additional commitment and investment to make Paris THE capital for funding and innovation in the sports arena. 

Located at the heart of the Parisian sports center

Based in the Jean Bouin Stadium, at the epicenter of the golden triangle of Parisian sports to “convert the try”

Our premises embody the spitrit of sports. Coworking areas, open spaces, sports gear, private offices and more


Our team

A unique mentoring system, A platform that provides five services

In coordination with institutional players and key corporates in the sports business, the sports innovation platform provides five distinct services to startups:

Incubation: accompany and support startups today, as they invent the sports practices of tomorrow

Networking: accelerate the transformation of innovation into concrete business opportunities

The Academy: train startups in the sports professions, and build awareness of innovation for sports professionals

Experimentation: Beta-test products and services with our platform partners, to ensure they meet the expectations of consumers and the market

Intelligence: monitor and identify new trends in sports innovation, and set up international technology intelligence