This is the list of all the startups that have been incubated in Le Tremplin.



Airfit offers outdoor fitness stations, connected to a sports coaching app. The objective is to provide in free access equipments to optimize the practice of sports in an autonomous way.



You see a sports field, we see a canvas! AirPrint's double-patented technology is the first of its kind and it is completely green.


APA de géant


APA de géant aims to fights against inequalities in sport by creating and developing secure solutions and training methodologies for Adapted Physical Activities.

#APA #SportForAll #Health



Arenametrix automatically collects all your data from your ticketing software. Your data is synchronized, cleaned and enriched.

#Ticketing #Data



Arioneo is specialized in the design of connected objects dedicated to the equine world. This allows an accurate analysis of the comfort, of the health and of the performance of the horses.

#Performance #ConnectedObjects


Atawa offers event tent rental services in France, with a global offer that also includes furniture, lighting, decoration, signage, electricity.



Babasport is the first online platform for booking recreational and unusual sports activities that helps users find a leisure activity close to them easily and quickly while allowing them to benefit from promotions.


Be sport


Be Sport is the platform that brings together the two worlds that make the sporting lives of each of us: sports player or fan.

#App #Fan #Events


Using an algorithm developed by nutritionists, BeFoo creates, personalizes and delivers a diet allowing you to optimize your well-being and your daily performance.



Bequipe develops innovative solutions to improve gamers & team performance. Esport athletes need dexterity, quick reaction time and good control.

Bet Trends

Bet Trends is an analysis tool that collects and centralizes the sports betting histories of French players and allows them to save time, bet smarter and encourage their responsible gambling.



clim8 creates intelligent and self-regulating thermal technologies, which apply to textiles. Linked to a mobile application, the system can make all clothing warm and intelligent.


Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle offers innovative and cost-effective geolocation solutions tailored for both bikes and industrial assets.

#Tracking #Data


 A dematerialized, incentive-based means of payment exclusively for the sports industry.

Blockchain #Crypto


DAZZL is a cloud-based production platform that lets any organization or community capture, produce and distribute events live and simultaneously on multiple social networks and websites.

#Live #Production


Digifood develops innovative solutions for events catering: mobile ordering application, smart box, itinerant sales devices, etc




Equimov is the leading online booking platform for all types of horses and riders accommodation across Europe.

#Platform #Reservation #Equitation


Fizix is ​​a sports coaching company for individuals and businesses. Our digital platforms and the recent integration within Verona Group allow users to consume with personalized monitoring.

#Coaching #BienEtre


Footovision provides football analytics and unique insights on players and teams performance combining balls events and fitness data from only one video feed.  

#Football #Data #IA


FREQUENCE RUNNING proposes training plans personalized to all the runners.



GamerCoach is the first website of coaching which allows all the fans of video games, novice or confirmed, to reserve online, individual courses with professionnal players to progress.

#Gaming #Coaching

Goaltime Football

Goaltime Football is the reference platform of measure and analysis of the performances in football.

#Football #Performance



Golazzos is a gamification platform for football fans who can predict the results of their teams and compete.

#FanExperience #Gamification


Revolutionary ball launcher able to perfectly reproduce the different game trajectories for an optimized training.

#Training #Performance #Football


Gymlib wants to be the new to play sports. This is a website that aggregates sports structures, negotiates deals and redistributes them. Leader in France with more than 2000 gyms, Gymlib Corporate offers its services to companies since 2016.

#HR #Wellness #QVT

Hello birdie


Hello Birdie is the first smart caddy that allows golfers to define a personalized game strategy to progress and maximize their chances of making the best score on any green in the world.

#Golf #IA #App


Horsicar allows the riders to find a solution of transport for their horse near their stables or to to pay off the investment of their vehicle



ilycoach is the application that lets companies and employees organize on-demand sports and wellbeing sessions, in the workplace or during their leisure time, supervised by certified coaches. 

#Coach #Wellbeing


Immersiv reinvents the supporter's experience by offering augmented reality applications that immerse us in the heart of sporting events.

#VR #FanExperience


InfinyFit proposes a simple and innovative fitness device allowing a big freedom of action, with infinite physical possibilities of training and maintenance.

#Fitness #Entraînement

e cotiz

E-Cotiz is the first online membership fee management solution developed for sports associations.


Thanks to the AI, the Krank club multisports app can help you to find game partners from the same networks and levels (certified levels).

#practice #APP

La Source

La Source is a video game training centre connected to an app that will help amateur players to improve and understand eSport.

#esport #gaming


The QOOS by Ludhealth is an original sport-health equipment that offers a varied physical activity accessible to all, for rehabilitation or recreation. A connected version will be launched in early 2019.

#SportSanté #APA #Mouvement


Ledsreact enables coaches to train speed and agility more efficiently via a smart cone and hundreds of complementary science-based performance exercises.


Les Déchaînés

Les Déchaînés is a website which allows everybody to play tennis in 1 minute, without commitment and from 11€.




Lsee offers personalized nutrition to everyone. It becomes possible to determine the diet and physical activity adapted to its own genetic and metabolic features.

#Nutrition #IOT


Mac-Lloyd develops wearables and tracking solutions. It analyzes data in real time thanks to the sensors, speed, acceleration, physiology.

#Wearables #Data #Performance


Mindperf is the first mental preparation application dedicated to amateur athletes to offer them a cheap preparation like a pro.



Mojjo revolutionizes tennis with its augmented visualization concept and interactive replay experience for tournaments and clubs. The tennis court is now connected with a single camera.



MoodMe offers Augmented Reality applied to Faces to enrich mobile & web applications.

#AR #Emotions #AugmentedReality
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My dual project

Bridging the gap between life and education: My Dual Project is a learning platform that offers young athletes an entrepreneurial, post-baccalaureate program adapted to their needs, preferences, schedule and rhythm


My eggo


My eggo is developing a 3D body modeling booth that can automatically generate an animated photorealistic avatar in a few minutes.

#Avatar #3D #Modelization

My coach


My coach offers solutions facilitating technical coaching expertises diffusion and optimizing performance. It supports the digital transformation of sports organizations.

#coaching #app #digital


Nowkey designs mobile applications of video analysis in the field of the equestrian sports. The simplicity of use make of the video an educational tool of the daily life of the teachers.



OLY Be connects students who want to practice soft sports like yoga, with teachers and places that can host classes.

#Wellness #Yoga #Coaching

Oui Sports

Oui Sports offers two applications to Foster people through sport: OuiRun, the social network of runners, and OuiMoveUp, the collaborative experience of sports challenges in companies.

#Running #App #Community


Passito is the first platform of access to fitness gyms in the request with payment at the hour.



PIQ sport intelligence, start-up in sports robotics, analyzes the game of the sportsman and indicates his " winning factor ": all the key points of his game on which lean to win.

#IOT #Performance


PreppySport is the first platform allowing to buy and to resell of the second-hand Equipment of riding between in a secure way.


Prove Labs

Prove Labs has developed AI analysis of body movements filmed by smartphones; the FitCam app on your smartphone acts as your very own personal trainer, so you can exercise safely.

#IA #Health


The most exciting plays in amateur sports, filmed by spectators.The magic application Rematch turns back the clock by creating automated match highlights: amateur sports events can be shared and gain visibility everywhere.



Runnin’City is a free application that helps you discover more than 200 cities worldwide while running (or walking). The Runnin'City vocal GPS and audio guide is the go-to app for sightseeing while running.

#Running #Tourism

Running Care

Running Care by PREMEDIT develops solutions of E-santé for the sport, focused on the prevention, the auto-reeducation and the prediction of wounds.

#Sport #Health


Seacher is a platform designed to help surfers find, compare and reserve surfing lessons quickly and easily.

#Surf #Coaching


Seaters is a digital platform for acquisition and retention. The unlimited capture of client demand via our wishlists is the basis of the relationship between customer brands and their targets.

#sponsoring #wishlist


Shapeheart designs the first running armbrand connected with a heart rate sensor and intuitive access to the phone - thanks to its removable pocket - during the race.


Sport Heroes Group

Sport Heroes Group values, encourages and rewards athletes on offering them exclusive offers thanks to the kilometers they make.

#Communities #WellBeing


Sportagraph is the 1st digital asset manager that optimizes and transforms sports content on business intelligence for sponsorship.



Sportdiet designs digital programs and algorithms that give athletes nutritional guidelines and easy access to personalized advice based on the specific needs of each sport. 

#Health #Nutrition

Sport easy

Sport easy is an app for amateur clubs via administrative organization functionalities and for players thanks to social and fun features.

#App #Clubs

Sports decisions

Sports Decisions is revolutionising the management of sports contracts by completely dematerialising their administration from signature to reporting production.

#Pro #Digital


SquadEasy is a Web sporting platform in company (running, walking and bike) which proposes to the collaborators, challenges, a GPS tracker, podometer and an instant messaging.


Tips Top

The first Social Media “trusted third party” that helps sports bettors make the right choice, putting performance at the core of notoriety!

#betting #tips


Tonsser is the first app of soccer players in club. She helps her users to be discovered by the football world.


Urban Expé

Urban Expé is an athletic escape game with a catalogue of different scenarios. Participants become the heroes of a real-time immersive adventure that combines the escape game with video games and sports challenges.

#gamification #immersive



Vogo is an application dedicated to the fan experience in the sports arena (instant replay, slow motion, zoom). A version exists for professionals: doctors, coaches, referees.

#Replay #Video #Service


WGF proposes social Web platforms allowing to hire millenials by organizing events of video games, services to the players, brands and editors.

#Esport #Gaming


Windoo reinvents "happiness at work" thanks to a private platform that simplifies access to hundreds of services and offers HR functionalities: surveys, events, measurement tools ...

#WellBeing #HR #QVT

Yafi Concept

YAFI CONCEPT: We design and conceptualize innovative health and fitness products Made in France. Our products meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumers, while offering them new ways to exercise.                                                                                       

Yoga connect

YOGA connect is a video yoga class site: from beginner to advanced yogi, enjoy it wherever you want, whenever you want and whenever you have time in front of you.

#Yoga #Wellness