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Sports Innovation Lab Enters into Global Partnerships with leAD Sports and Le Tremplin


Sports Innovation Lab, a software powered market intelligence group, is today announcing global partnerships with European leaders leAD Sports and Le Tremplin, the sports innovation platform of Paris&Co, to support sports innovation.

The three organizations will work together to identify and support emerging sports-tech companies that will address the needs of global sports fans. Through the partnerships, startups that are a part of leAD Sports and Le Tremplin will access Sports Innovation Lab’s software platform and expert analysts to obtain objective data and insights, alongside participating in joint webinars and events to educate sports-tech leaders about emerging trends.

leAD Sports is a global powerhouse for sports tech entrepreneurship and investment. Based in Berlin, the leAD Sports Accelerator has kicked off its second program in early September, which runs until the end of November.

Le Tremplin, the sports innovation platform of Paris&Co that launched in 2014, is currently mentoring more than 60 sports-related startups and works with 27 partners from the private and the public sector in Paris, France.

In addition to accessing Sports Innovation Lab’s software, leAD and Le Tremplin will contribute valuable local insights and data to ensure global trend-spotting is more accurate and complete. Each partner appreciates that the global sports-tech market has strong potential to act as a testing ground and influence adjacent markets like healthcare, smart cities, and media.

“We founded Sports Innovation Lab because the sports-tech market is complicated, expansive, and growing rapidly,” said CEO and co-founder of the Sports Innovation Lab, Angela Ruggiero. “This collaborative effort will bring clarity and focus to the global market, helping us provide the world’s most trusted and comprehensive source of data on sports technology and the future of sport.”

"At leAD, we’re committed to building the future of sports,” said co-founder & CEO of leAD Sports Christoph Sonnen. “Our goal is not only to nurture remarkable sports startups but also identify market trends and new technologies, making this partnership extremely valuable. We’re looking forward to working with Sports Innovation Lab and Le Tremplin.”

“Le Tremplin by Paris&Co was created with global ambitions. In 2015 we had 6 percent of foreign startups incubated at Le Tremplin and we now have over 10 percent,” said Omar El Zayat, the director of Le Tremplin. “Working hand in hand with Sports Innovation Lab and leAD will help our organizations get a better understanding of the rapidly changing global sports market’s expectations and how to best meet them collaboratively.”  

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