Find here all the startups incubated at Le Tremplin




AIRFIT offers outdoor fitness stations, connected to a sports coaching application. The objective is to provide free access equipments to everydoby.

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Créée le 23/11/2016


The Airprint solution provides sponsors with unique visibility by transforming the pitch into a spectacular communications channel. 

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Our goal is to reduce inequalities in access to sport for people with special needs. We offer courses in Adapted Physical Activity, we train the technical sports, we support associations when they have projects to integrate these audiences, and finally we raise awareness of the problems of handicap through sports days of mixed practice desabilities / Valid, in schools, High Schools and companies


Tech'4'Team develops ticketing software solutions for sport and cultural ticketing organizers. Our principal solution is a Yield Management turnkey solution, flexible and integrated for ticketing to offer "fair" price tickets to the audience.

#Sport #Culture #Billeterie #B2B #Big Data


Arioneo develops innovative devices that monitor biometric and sport parameters to improve health and performance on horses. We create high-quality information through the strength of our algorithms.

#Sport #IoT #Big Data #Chevaux #Data
Créée le 11/11/2014


Atawa provides a tent rental service for events throughout France, with a global offering that also includes furniture, lighting, decoration, signage, electricity.



Beat Me is the app that allows players to reward themselves after a game on their mobile, console or computer.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Bequipe aims to improve the comfort and performance of amateur and professional eSport athletes.

#Esport #Performance #Confort


Be Sport is a new generation platform gathering all the actors of the sport around the event and the experience sharing.

Créée le 31/12/2016


bFan enables professional clubs and leagues to provide their fans unforgettable experiences through a platform.

Créée le 09/01/2017

Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle develops and commercializes geolocalization and activity monitoring solutions dedicated to cyclists and to all stakeholders of the cycling world.

#Sport #E-vélo #IoT #Big Data #GPS
Créée le 18/12/2013


Digifood is a web and mobile app that creates a new sales channel for all restaurant owners in high-traffic locations such as stadiums.

#SmartFood #Sport #Catering #App #Stadium
Créée le 13/11/2014


E-Cotiz is a platform managing subscriptions for sports associations. 

#Sport #Associations #Big Data #Fintech #Digital
Créée le 01/06/2014


Equimov references, geo-localizes and allows online booking of all types of accommodations for horses and riders.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Fizix offers a unique approach of personal training combining quality of service and innovative technologies to provide the best user experience for clients and personal trainers.

#Sport #IoT #Sportech #QVT #Coaching
Créée le 21/10/2013

Football Inclusive

Football Inclusive is the first open source social platform for statistics dedicated to football

#Stats #Football


Footbar allows football players to evaluate their performance thanks to an artificial intelligence that uses wearable trackers on the players' legs to reconstruct the game content.

#Sport #IoT #MachineLearning #ConnectedObjects #Football
Créée le 13/01/2014


Footovision is specialized in the analysis, visual representation and modeling of football to create the most tailored football data analysis.

#sport #football #captation vidéo #analyse #statistique
Créée le 23/06/2015

Fréquence Running

Fréquence Running offers personalized training plans for all runners.

#Training #Running

Gamers Room

Gamers Room is the first coaching app that allows all video games fans, whether they are beginners or advanced, to book individual lessons online with pros to progress.

#Esport #Coaching


Goaltime Football is the benchmark consumer platform for measuring and analyzing football performance

#Equipment #Platform #Football #Performance


Golazzos is a gamification platform dedicated to football fans. Through an app fans can predict the results of their favorite teams, share these predictions with their friends and challenge.

Créée le 31/12/2016



The only ball thrower really capable of perfectly reproducing the precise movement of the ball.

#sport #football #entrainement #coaching #marketing
Créée le 04/12/2013

GYMLIB wants to be the new to play sports. This is a website that aggregates sports structures, negotiates deals and redistributes them. Leader in France with more than 2000 gyms, Gymlib Corporate offers its services to companies since 2016.

#sport #sans engagement #marketplace
Créée le 10/09/2013


The first mobile-app allowing golfers to increase performances with a smarter gameplan. And get rewarded for it. Like a pro.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Horsicar allows riders to find a transport solution for their horse close to their stables and, if necessary, to amortize the investment of their vehicle

#Renting #Transport #Equestrian


Immersiv reinvents the fan experience by offering augmented reality applications that brings the fan into the action

#FanExperience #AugmentedReality


Infinyfit produces a simple and innovative fitness equipment offering a great freedom of action and multiple training possibilities

#Equipment #Fitness


Kinomap is about motion videos (fully geolocated videos), meaning that all records contain a GPS tracker fully synchronized with a video. 

Créée le 13/12/1901


LudHealth develops connected equipments to encourage and facilitate the practice of Accompanied Physical and Sports Activities.

Créée le 31/12/2016

Les Déchainés

Les Déchainés is a website that allows everyone to book a tennis court in 1 minute, without commitment and from 11 €

#SportPractice #Accessibility


LineMeUp is a decision platform dedicated to Fantasy Sport. We have developed our own algorithms to enable players to take the best decisions to gain advantage over their opponents.

#FantasySport #Platform


Real time metabolism tracking to optimize body fat loss.

#sport #santé #nutrition
Créée le 12/02/2015



Mac-Lloyd is a disruptive innovator for wearables and tracking, and offers wearables sensors to professionnal athletes and strategic personnel.Position, speed, and physiological data are streamed in real time and analyzed by BIG DATA algorythms.


#Sport #Big Data #IoT #Connected
Créée le 13/01/2013


Mojjo enables tennis players to automatically get video and stats of their matches, on an interactive replay format.

#sport #tennis #stats #replay
Créée le 25/08/2014


MoodMe offers Augmented Reality applied to Faces to enrich mobile & web applications.

Créée le 31/12/2016


My Coach is a solution for processes in the accompaniment and practice of mass sports.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Exsens develops a 3D Body Scan booth that automatically generates an animated digital double of an entire body, in less than three minutes.

#Sport #3D #Avatar #Fitness #VR
Créée le 25/06/2015


Nowkey designs apps in the field of equestrian sports which enable coaches to use videos as an educational tool.

#VideoAnalysis #Apps #SportPerformance


OLY Be connects students who want to practice mind and body activities like Yoga, with teachers and locations which can host the classes. Those locations can be private homes for semi-private classes between neighbors and friends, or bigger locations for larger group classes. B2C and B2B offer.

Créée le 31/12/2016


OtSpot develops a playful and innovative virtual solution that enables fitness centers to attract and retain members.

#Running #VirtualReality


OuiRun enables our users to find running buddies nearby who run at the same pace. Two main functionalities are available : one-to-one matching and geolocated group sessions

Créée le 31/12/2016


Passito is a platform that enables people to access gyms on demand and pay per hour.

#Sport #Fitness


PIQ Sport Intelligence, European start-up leader in sports robotics in deap analysis of the game of the sportsman and indicates his "winning factor": the set of strong points of his game on which to rely to reach the victory .

Créée le 31/12/2016

Preppy Sport

PreppySport est la première plateforme permettant d'acheter et revendre du matériel d'occasion d'équitation entre cavaliers de manière sécurisée

#Plateforme #Achat #Revente

Running Care

Running Care by Premedit develops eHealth solutions for amateur athletes focused on prevention, self-rehabilitation and injury prediction.

#eHealth #Prevention #Rehabilitation

Sport Heroes Group

Sport Heroes Group revolutionizes the world of sport by creating connected sports experiences for the general public, brands and businesses..

#Sport #Data #Health #Community


Sportagraph is the first Digital Asset Management platform dedicated to sport photo and video content. Our technology allows brands, sponsors, event organizers and medias to secure, optimize assets organization and sharing to ultimately activate their brand.

#Sport #B2B #Sponsoring #Digital Asset Managment
Créée le 10/10/2013


SportEasy is a web and mobile solution to manage your amateur sports team.

#sport #app #management #team
Créée le 01/12/2010


Squad is a mobile and web platform for sports in companies (running, walking and cycling) that offers employees challenges, a GPS tracker, a pedometer tracker and instant messaging.

Créée le 31/12/2016


Tech4Race provides a real-time tracking solution of outdoor sports events participants using geolocation (running, running trail, triathlon, sailing, golf, etc.)

Créée le 31/12/2016


Testpass is the first platform allowing sports enthusiasts to test new sports equipment.

#Platform #Reservation #SportEquipment


Tonsser is the number 1 app for footballers. It helps its users to be discovered by recruiters, clubs and brands.

#Football #App


TrainMe is the first platform of sports lessons that links professionals and invidivuals. Our solution makes easier, optimises and diversifies sporting activities.

#Sport #Community #Wellness #QVT #Coaching
Créée le 04/06/2015

Virtual Dive

Akwatyx designs, develops and sells innovative solutions for virtual dives. Diving clubs can share their underwater explorations with users connected to a dedicated  platform .

#VR #Sport
Créée le 31/12/2016

Vogo Sport

Vogo Sport develops and commercialises the app enabling a supporter on site to see different viewing angles and immediate replay on smartphones, in regular speed or slow motion.

#Sport #Fan #Mobile #Stade #Replay
Créée le 03/06/2013


Windoo is the marketplace that provides the opportunity to organize sports meetings and coaching in the simplest way.

#Sport #Digital #Economie collaborative #B2C #Marketplace
Créée le 18/04/2016

World Gaming Federation

World Gaming Federation creates an international social platform for gamers and all video games players to increase their interactions, visibility and revenue.

#sport #gaming #challenge #eSport
Créée le 31/12/2016

Yoga Connect

Yoga Connect est un site de cours de yoga en vidéo, du débutant au yogi confirmé, profitez-en où vous voulez, quand vous voulez et selon le temps que vous avez devant vous

#Video #Yoga