Find below the list of all the startups incubated at Le Tremplin. 


ALKÉ is the football brand made in Europe for Women who love Fashion, campaigning for the right to play for all.



ASI is specializd in the development of high-performance electronic tracking solutions that let you: analyze athletes’ performance during team sports, develop your strategy and team tactics. FieldWiz has been FIFA certified since 2008 and meets International Match Standards.


Azeoo is developing a SaaS product dedicated to sports professionals (gym, coaches, clubs) allowing them to simply monetize their coaching, videos and nutrition offers.



Using an algorithm developed by nutritionists, BeFoo creates, personalizes and delivers a diet allowing you to optimize your well-being and your daily performance.


Bet Trends

Bet Trends is an analysis tool that collects and centralizes the sports betting histories of French players and allows them to save time, bet smarter and encourage their responsible gambling.


Bfan sports

bFan Sports is a marketing and mobile platform for pro sports clubs. The mobile application of the club is delivered ready to use and can evolve thanks to the needs of the clubs in terms of services.

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Circle Sportswear

Circle is the first sportswear brand that is both elegant and technical, created in Paris. Its recycled and recyclable products come from the circular economy.



clim8 creates intelligent and self-regulating thermal technologies, which apply to textiles. Linked to a mobile application, the system can make all clothing warm and intelligent.


Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle offers innovative and cost-effective geolocation solutions tailored for both bikes and industrial assets.

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DAZZL is a cloud-based production platform that lets any organization or community capture, produce and distribute events live and simultaneously on multiple social networks and websites.

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Equimov is the leading online booking platform for all types of horses and riders accommodation across Europe.

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EyeMotion is developing a cognitive training program dedicated to visual perception and enable anyone to improve their visual information gathering.



Fan.Zone is the first online platform allowing an almost unlimited number of fans to meet and evolve on video in a high definition 3D environment taking advantage of cloud rendering to share their favorite sporting events.




Footbar allows football players to evaluate their performance thanks to an artificial intelligence with sensors placed on their legs. The best of technology at the service of the 3rd half for fun.

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GamerCoach is the first website of coaching which allows all the fans of video games, novice or confirmed, to reserve online, individual courses with professionnal players to progress.

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Hello birdie


Hello Birdie is the first smart caddy that allows golfers to define a personalized game strategy to progress and maximize their chances of making the best score on any green in the world.

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Kinomap publishes indoor, interactive and immersive training applications based on fully geolocated videos. 

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Kurage develops neuromuscular control software and stimulators that allow athletes to intensify muscle tension at the most appropriate phases of movement and thereby improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their movement.



Ledsreact enables coaches to train speed and agility more efficiently via a smart cone and hundreds of complementary science-based performance exercises.


Light Net

Light-Net is a technological innovation, which transforms a simple net into a premium media inside the stadium, to enhance the fan-experience and boost the interest of brands and advertisers.



The Maracuja application allows sports organizations to keep / strengthen the links between clubs and their practitioners thanks to fun and educational inter-club challenges.



Mindperf is the first mental preparation application dedicated to amateur athletes to offer them a cheap preparation like a pro.



NeoXperiences creates innovative, interactive and turnkey play spaces, bringing together in one place a wide choice of fun and sporting experiences suitable for all audiences.


Oui Sports

Oui Sports offers two applications to Foster people through sport: OuiRun, the social network of runners, and OuiMoveUp, the collaborative experience of sports challenges in companies.

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Prove Labs

Prove Labs has developed AI analysis of body movements filmed by smartphones; the FitCam app on your smartphone acts as your very own personal trainer, so you can exercise safely.

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Combination of 2 proven expertise in sports and cultural events and the realization of major software projects, Quick-Off is today the expert in digital solutions for event organizers.



Ref'mate is the first ecosystem dedicated to the rules of the game and to arbitration powered by artificial intelligence.



The most exciting plays in amateur sports, filmed by spectators.The magic application Rematch turns back the clock by creating automated match highlights: amateur sports events can be shared and gain visibility everywhere.



Rezzil improves cognitive intelligence and decision making through his virtual reality training.



Runnin’City is a free application that helps you discover more than 200 cities worldwide while running (or walking). The Runnin'City vocal GPS and audio guide is the go-to app for sightseeing while running.

#Running #Tourism

Running Care

Running Care by PREMEDIT develops solutions of E-santé for the sport, focused on the prevention, the auto-reeducation and the prediction of wounds.

#Sport #Health

Sport Office

Sport Office is developing a software for managing outdoor sports schools and offering schools more connectivity with their business providers, and more efficiency in managing their reservations.



TicketChainer is the first online sports ticketing service that uses gamification to turn loyal fans into ambassadors.


Train me

TrainMe is a sports training platform that connects professionals with individuals or businesses. It helps them to find the course that meets their expectations in terms of price, location and sports.

#Coaching #Wellness #Community

Urban Expé

Urban Expé is an athletic escape game with a catalogue of different scenarios. Participants become the heroes of a real-time immersive adventure that combines the escape game with video games and sports challenges.

#gamification #immersive

Vici FanFest

FanFest is a virtual live events marketplace with built-in merchandising and sponsorship where 1B+ fans can enjoy content together with family and friends safely..